Ever imagined of going to isolated backwoods areas to photograph the landscape but been defeated through the practicalities of having there? Wanted you’d a helicopter? Wondered the way you could hike having a heavy pack and go camping for several days at any given time?

Well, this Australian amateur backwoods landscape professional photographer made it happen. Here’s the storyline from the daunting task that lay ahead and just how I transformed the obstacles.


My boy works at Olympic Dam Mine situated about 90km north of Woomera in outback South Australia, and lives together with his wife and little family at Roxby Downs, the city built to service the mine. He’s an electrical contractor, and besides going for a couple of images of electrical installations, the huge machinery he frequently creates, and my daughter, has little curiosity about photography.

I drove for 21 hrs in the Far South Coast of Nsw, to go to my boy and also to check this out arid desert region, that has become his home for that near future.

Chance for Backwoods Landscape Photography

Well, the desert is rather flat and quite bland initially glance but that is and not the full story.

With dry salt ponds, myall trees, stone thrown clay pans, and red sand dunes, backwoods landscape photography images clamour in my attention from Roxby Downs to Andamooka and beyond to Lake Torrens.

Making Your Way Around the Desert

But how do i circumvent? Distance is really vast and also the country so inhospitable. It’ll kill you simply to be there if you do not watch out. The household station wagon will not go remote the bitumen. The tracks are extremely rough, so when it rains within this six-inch rain fall country, a 4×4 will bog lower or slip within the clay soil. There is no way I possibly could afford a 4×4 adequate for that trip in the coast towards the center and reliable enough to visit out alone into that country. In addition, you would not have a good-searching vehicle on individuals rocky, desert tracks.