Making changes in certain areas of your home will increase the value of your property, not talking about major renovations, but rather small changes that will make the big difference and you will get more money for your beloved home.

#1: The kitchen

The kitchen can be considered the core space of the house. It is the place where the family usually spend most of the time. To increase the value of the kitchen, you must change the floors and countertops; those made of granite, renovate the artifacts by other chrome. As much as this renewal is important, it can also be expensive according to the size of the kitchen but it is well worth investing the money in these changes.

If you have a wall that divides the room with the kitchen, consider the possibility of tearing it down to connect both spaces. In today’s modern houses, it is a design that comes in the plans. This will expand the kitchen area and make it more social. You can contact specialists like Renovco to help with the renovation.

#2: The bathroom

In case you have old or cracked toilets, change them for more modern ones with new styles and that allows you to save water. If you have ventilation problems, decide at once to make a high window, or if that is not possible, you can buy an exhaust fan.  The final result should be a fresh bathroom free of moisture and light.

#3: Make your home ecologically friendly with the environment

No, we are not going to ask you to buy solar panels to place them on the roof of your house (which would not be a bad idea), but with small changes, you will convert your home in harmony with the environment and even save energy.

Having a green roof is the current trend, turn it into a beautiful garden; a bio garden. You will give more value to your home and will be an atypical detail in the purchase-sale of real estate.

It gives the impression that your home saves the maximum of electricity and water, for this, instead of using a lot of air conditioning or heating you can place fans on the roofs of the rooms.

#4: Keep the Gardens of the house Green

The fact of having a green garden and ornamental plants already gives a good first impression and helps increase the value of the house, choose an automatic irrigation system; either drip or sprinkle. Choose the right one according to the size of the garden if you do not have many times for its maintenance.

#5: Avoid converting rooms for other uses

If you have a space that is used as the library of the house but as an occasional bedroom and you want to sell the house, it is better that you only give it a single use, it encourages the future buyer to know what this space is for and that he decides the modifications he wants to make to the house when he buys it.

#6: The pools are NOT great for everyone

Real estate agents often have to convince the owner to use the pool space for other purposes because the buyers do not want to take over the maintenance of the pool or accidents when they have children.