Almost everyone that owns a car or a house has experienced having their key snap in the door lock at least once in their lifetime. The soft metal which often slides and turns effortlessly unexpectedly snaps off and leaves your flustered and even stressed if this happened on your way to work or an important event.

Having a professional locksmith to contact can help you fix your problem efficiently. The car and home lockout service cost according to Locksmith Sydney are often affordable, and they can do the job effectively saving you both time and stress. However, some people still opt to try to fix the lock on their own especially if they are running tight on budget. Below are some ways and tips on how to remove a broken key from a lock.

  • Using Pliers Or Tweezers

Depending on where the key broke, you might be able to grab the end using tweezers or pliers. This method could become very tricky if the key broke off right at the keyhole since it is not appropriately sized or can be too big for the hole. Remember to find a pair of tweezers or needle nose pliers that are wide enough to fit over the key to avoiding pushing the broken part of the key further into the keyhole.

  • Utilize A Jigsaw Blade

Expert locksmiths often use a broken key extractor tool. If you don’t have the budget to buy one of these tools, you can always fashion your homemade key extractor using jigsaw blades. To do this, insert a thin pair of jigsaw blades into the keyway on opposite sides of the broken key facing downwards to hook the teeth of the key. Gently turn and catch the broken part so that you can pull it outwards. This method is often time-consuming and may require you to visit a hardware store to find the right jigsaw blades. You can always ask a professional to help you by visiting this site since they are more efficient and will help lessen the stress you will get from picking your locks.

  • Try Super Glue

The last method you can try is through the use of super glue. However, this process is not advisable especially by locksmiths since it often ends up doing more damage to the locks and aggravates the problem. Also, this method can only be used if the key part that has been broken is exposed. To do this, use a small wooden match and place super glue in its end. Place the end with glue to the key so that they can firmly bond and you can finally pull the broken key out of the keyhole.

Final Word

A key can often get broken due to excessive use, being in a hurry and applying too much force or weather conditions that wear locks which makes it hard for the teeth to catch inside. Broken locks, whether it be in your home, apartment, business establishment, or car, should be addressed immediately and efficiently to avoid problems in security and safety. Make sure to use these tips or contact a professional to help you if you find yourself in such a tricky situation. Always remember that having expert help is more advisable since they have the right tools, expertise, and knowledge to deal with broken locks and keys.