The decision to buy or rent a home is a tough one for most people. And while buying is a significant investment, there are many barriers. Think of the down payment, stamp duty charges and monthly mortgage repayments. Not to mention the daunting task of navigating the property market. Renting, on the other hand, has several benefits and may be ideal for temporary residence.

Fulham is an affluent neighbourhood popular with professionals and families. People working in London prefer living in Fulham due to its proximity to the business community and convenient transport. There are numerous property options for all ages. Renting in Fulham would be ideal for these five types of people.

Young Professionals

Research shows that professionals who start working at their 20s have a high possibility of changing jobs within five years. Job changes may require relocation to a different city or country. Imagine buying a house only to be forced to sell it in a few years to move. Sounds hectic right? To avoid such scenarios renting is the best option unless you are confident that your job is permanent. Professionals in Fulham prefer renting due to the high cost of buying a home. Fulham comes with several benefits including proximity to the city and business hubs where most professions do business. The transport links like train stations and commuter buses make it convenient to access the city.

New Families

Newlyweds and young families prefer the flexibility of rental homes. They usually have financial constraints and lack of savings to buy a house. Renting allows them to live within their means as they save for their dream home. Fulham is a great place for families. There are many great schools for kids, and the neighbourhoods are safe. Families can get 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom flats or houses to rent at reasonable costs. Fulham has tons of family fun activities including parks and historical sites. If you are moving to London and looking for a rental property, looking for a Fulham letting agent is the best place to start.

College Students

Students commuting to various colleges and universities within London can find a property to rent in Fulham. The transport system makes it easy to navigate the city. There are numerous entertainment facilities in Fulham for students to enjoy during their free time. Fulham is a home for famous football clubs, and you can watch football matches at the stadium.

Free Spirits

People who love travelling and living in various cities would prefer renting. Free spirits lack the commitment to live in one place. Fulham is bustling with multiple entertainment options for such people. They can rent an apartment for a few months to enjoy London before jetting off to their next adventure.


The elderly are opting for small apartments as opposed to big houses or retirement homes. Some also have to work due to lack of savings. Therefore, a place like Fulham would be ideal for retirees who still want to make a living and live among the younger generation.