When you are choosing cabinets for your home and kitchen, it will not just take care of the storage in your kitchen, but will also become an important factor to create a functional and aesthetic appeal too. So, it is necessary that you think of maintaining the cabinets well.

When you are going to a reputed store and buying a set of cabinetry, it is obvious that you are going to choose the one that will be stunning as well as durable. But when you are bringing it to your home, it will be obviously exposed to extreme heat and moisture. So, it will become lackluster within a few years. But it is not exactly difficult to retain the charm and glamour of the cabinets if you maintain them well. How? Take a look at the following points to know more.

Unpacking the Cabinets

When you are getting the cabinets delivered at your place, the first and foremost thing that you have to do is unpack it carefully. Try not to do it on your own. Think of hiring people who are professionals as they will be able to unpack the cabinets in the safest way possible. Now, when you are thinking of unpacking, makes sure you are not removing the old cabinets before you are done with inspecting the new ones thoroughly. The wholesale kitchen cabinet that you are buying should be flawless while you are about to get them installed.

Wipe Out the Finish after Installation

No matter whether the professionals are installing the cabinets or you are installing the set of RTA cabinets on your own, make sure you are wiping out the finish after installation. During the hassle of installation, the surface of the cabinets can be affected by dust. Immediately wipe it off with a damp cloth and then with a dry cloth so that the moisture doesn’t get built up on the surface and affects the wood.

Take Caution for Heat and Humidity

Your kitchen cabinets will be exposed to heat and humidity during the time you are going to cook in your kitchen. But both of these elements are harmful to the health of your cabinets. Hence, the better option will be cleaning the cabinets regularly and making sure that the surface remains dry. Exposure to an excess amount of moisture causes build up and fungus in the wood.  That will eventually affect the finish and durability of the cabinets. Hence, it is better if you ensure to wipe off the moisture with a clean dry cloth after each day of cooking. Also, don’t forget to remove the drawers while cleaning so that water doesn’t get inside the cabinets.

Be Careful with Cleaning Materials

It is good that you clean the cabinets every day. But with what do you clean it? When you want the cabinets to retain the health and the glamour, make sure that you are being careful with the cleaning materials too. Using commercial detergent, powdered cleanser, Scotch-Brite, Steel wool, spray polishes with silicon, paste, wax or product with silicon can be quite harmful to the appearance of the wood and the polish. The wood will soon lose the shine and the glossy appeal if these rough products are used regularly for cleaning. Use diluted all purpose cleaner, wood cleaner or white vinegar with soft piece of cotton wiping towel.

Exposure to Light

As an interior decoration expert, I always suggest you keep a window in the kitchen to let the natural lights come in. But when it comes to the health and appearance of the cabinets, continuous exposure to the lights will become quite harmful as the excessive UV rays will affect the wood and the polish causing the cabinets to look dull.

Touch Up and Hardware

Often the cabinets retain the functionality but lose the aesthetic appeal due to long usage. In such situations, instead of completely replacing it, think of a few touch ups with the alterations of the hardware, the handles, and the knobs. Voila! It will be completely new.

So, now as you know about these tricks to maintain the health and beauty of your cabinets, what are you waiting for? Rush to a reliable store, buy your cabinets and keep these points in mind while using.