Houses and other important areas must be installed with good quality locks so that no mishap happens. Burglaries, thefts and break-ins are quite famous these days. The thieves come into your house and pick your valuable stuff and go. In this way, you would have to go through a lot of hassle, and then your important things will be lost forever. So, make sure that you are installing the right things in your house in order to ensure the protection and safety of your house.

Door locks that were conventional were prone to damages

A lot of door locks are available in the market. These door locks are typical and conventional that are locked and unlocked through the keys. However, the modern times does not demand such door locks. These door locks are of no use, and the thieves have understood the mechanism of breaking these types of locks.

Digital door locks that are smart enough to protect your house

So, now the digital door locks have been launched. One exceptional company to buy premium Door latch [กลอนประตู, which is the term in Thai] is Unicor. Unicor is one of the best company that is present in Thailand. It has been working in this field for a lot of time.

So, they now know how the efforts could be transformed into something productive. They know how to provide exceptional quality to the customers. The Digital door lock [ดิจิตัล door lock, which is the term in Thai] is capable of protecting your house thoroughly.

No keys required now

Apart from the protection element, digital smart locks do not require any key to lock or unlock. You can set around 6 ways through which the door would be locked and unlocked. So, now go keyless wherever you want to.