Generally, the continuous use of the doors wears the locks and keys so that they end up being damaged and generate subsequent complications such as jams with keys, breaks, and corrosion.

Therefore, the idea is to make preventive maintenance to avoid unnecessary expenses that can then be multiplied by not taking the measures on time and also contacting Barry Bros for help.

Here we leave you useful tips so that your locks have better performance and duration.

  • Treat your locks carefully. Do not push the keys abruptly, nor whip the doors, try not to expose them to cold, rain or snow so they do not rust or corrode.
  • Oil the locks and keys with oil from time to time so that they do not get stuck and damage the cylinders. Keys must enter and exit the holes in the lock correctly and smoothly.
  • You can also use new products offered by the market, such as sprays or aerosols made from special oils to lubricate your keys, hinges, and locks so that they always work perfectly.
  • Frequently clean your doors and avoid hitting or whipping them so that hinges or locks are not uneven. Damage due to uneven hinges can be an important expense in your budget.
  • If your locks are damaged or damaged, try reinstalling the entire system to avoid deeper damage and problems with the keys.
  • To properly maintain a lock you have to grease it, also the hinges. Only in this way can locks and hinges be kept in perfect condition, avoiding squeaking or knocking.
  • To prevent the key from getting stuck, the lock must be lubricated using graphite powder, although petroleum jelly oil can also be used. The graphite powder is distributed in a cloth, we wrap the key in it to grease it well and put it in the lock for a few turns and so that it is distributed well.
  • To grease the hinges or bolts you have to raise the door a little with the help of a wedge and a screwdriver. Then we apply a lubricant for doors and open and close the door several times to lubricate throughout the area.