We have all experienced that dreaded moment where we close the door behind us only to realize we left our house and/or car keys inside. A quick call to the locksmith Finksburg MD can save you the trouble of breaking into your own home, but it is a hassle that is worth avoiding.

To avoid forgetting your keys ever again, here are a few tips worth remembering by heart:

  1. Display Keys Near The Door

It is simple and effective. Place key hooks near the door on a spot that is eye level so you never miss them. A quick glance before opening the door and you’re sure to remember if you have your keys or not.

  1. Everything Has Its Home

Put your keys on the same spot every time you arrive home and consider this their “home”. Putting them where they belong each time ensure you don’t lose them around the house and leave without them because you know exactly where they are located.

  1. Use A Key Cabinet

A key cabinet makes it easy to locate all of your keys. Invest in one that is located in a safe area that only you and others living in the house know about so that none of you lose your keys again.

  1. Use A Bluetooth Keyring

Yes, in this age of technology keyrings can now be detected via Bluetooth. If you’re the type of person who is always misplacing your keys, this is the best solution for you.

  1. Train Your Brain

Stay alert and train you to remember to bring your keys. It sounds simple and obvious, but most of us don’t even think about the house keys until we are calling the locksmith Finksburg MD specialist for assistance because we are locked out.

  1. Check Your Surroundings

Always to a quick check of the surroundings for any objects you might have left. This includes important papers, wallet, and of course the house and car keys. These few extra minutes of checking will save you a lot of stress and time because you will always have everything you need before leaving the house.

  1. Do A Pocket/Bag Check

Another simple task to do before leaving your home is to check your bags or pockets for all the items you need to go out. Double-check for your phone, keys, wallet, and other basics just to be sure you did not leave anything.

  1. Display A Checklist

Post a checklist of all the essentials near the door and do a mental or physical check for all of them before locking up. It’s simple and yet very effective.

  1. Use A Large And Easy To See Keychain

Those who have trouble finding their keys should attach them on a very large, colorful, and easy to spot keychain. This technique makes the keys easy to locate when you’re in a rush.

  1. Stop And Think

Make sure to pause for a few seconds before closing the locked door behind you. This small step will help you remember if you have the keys with you or not. When in doubt, check your bag and pockets for a clear sign you have the keys with you.

  1. Keep A Spare

Always have a spare key at your office, with a trusted friend, or hidden somewhere only you know about. This is a last resort and should only be done if you have no other alternative or continue to struggle with forgetting your keys at home.

Locked out of your house or vehicle? Or perhaps lost your keys? Don’t worry our locksmith Finksburg MD services at Westminster Fire Extinguisher Service can save the day. Contact us for more information