Economical flooring types such as affordable carpet tiles (พรม ปู พื้น ราคา ถูก, which is the term in Thai) can fit almost any budget. That said, if you have a low budget and are looking for cheaper kind of flooring, here are ways to save up.

 Be Flexible

Before you decide on a choice, compare all the options. Various products offer lots of benefits and are cheap as well. For example, you may find an appealing budget-friendly tile at an affordable rate.

Try Out Samples

Before you finally install your flooring choice, purchase a small sample and try out at your home. A product may look great in the showroom, but it doesn’t guarantee it will look great in your space with different lighting and decor. A few bucks spent on a sample is worth it compared with spending a good fortune on flooring project that won’t satisfy you.

Shop Reuse Centers

Purchasing flooring types from reuse centers can be quite economical; they often sell different flooring types at an affordable price such as tile, vinyl or wood mostly gotten from old buildings.

Shop Online

Shopping at overstock websites is another way to save up. Manufacturers usually supply some of these sites with excess flooring materials, and they sell them to the public at low prices. 


 Researching ahead of time lets you see the cost of the same product elsewhere, hence enabling you to negotiate effectively. Politeness and persistence are key; insist on speaking to a floor manager if the salesperson won’t sell at a favourable price for you.

Install It Yourself

Some flooring types are DIY-friendly and would save you the money you would have paid a professional to get the job done. Of course, it is necessary to choose this option only if you’re confident your skills can get the job done right.