The architrave is a very new or beautiful household feature. When it comes to the house building or renovating, now people first consider adding the architrave to give a good or supportive look to their walls. But some of the people just simply use architrave by some suggestions, without knowing its actual use or work in the house. Let’s understand it’s separately of its using, working, or fitting in the part of the house. Through this article, you came to know for all about the architrave and how it makes the door look more impressive.

What is architrave?

The architrave is the best form of interior molding that is featured mostly for door designing or supporting. Basically, it is like strips that cover the edges between the door and floor. It is used to cover the edges of the door or floor, or even it can protect the surface or nature of the doors. For the designing or making of the door, architrave use in many different types like

  • Door casing
  • Door frame
  • Door surround

With its complete covering to the door, it protects the real nature and not makes it affected by any of the sudden causes. Not only to the house, but it is also to make the good looking of the offices or buildings architrave commonly used.

Why is architrave used?

When you are looking to the source to update the look of your house, you just want to use the little or impressive decorating’s. For all this, architrave plays a very important role in making the good looks or covering of the floor edges. To add the good finishing to your room, architrave used as the interior molding for the doors. Fitting right with the house walls or doors, it makes the good connectivity that protects the nature or surface of the door.

What architrave made up of?

It is made up of mostly three types of material i.e., MDF, softwood, and hardwood. All these materials are very effective and strong working that makes the door nature protection greater. With this type of material, there are many good qualities seen with the door supporting that are Durable, Water-resistant, or that also have various designs or available with the right thickness. The materials are favored among many people but have different pones or cons in different ways.

Architrave facts 

There is not the single, but there are many effective and great facts of the architrave. By choosing the best or make it the good fitting, you really get the very exciting look by it into your room. By its great designs, color, material, or many more things that make it more looking good and enables it to perform its work greatly.

Also, with its durable or washable qualities, you can make its good using that has a great look for the room. With its different available styles or designs, one can fit it better that looks great and beautiful for the walls or floors.