The low stools are often the forgotten ones in decorating projects. However, when decorating a room, it is essential to know the different furniture options that we have.

The use of low stools in our home can bring us a series of advantages that will change your perception of its usefulness.

Lack of space

It is one of the main problems we face when decorating a room. The use of stools in a dining room is a good trick to save space and have a more fluid stay. Forgetting the chairs and replacing them with stools is a great idea, since the lack of large and invasive backrests of the chairs, make the stools and their small size an ideal option to be able to store them under the table. Stools can be over five in the dinning table and there will still be space, for example stools like Metal bar stools(เก้าอี้ บาร์ เหล็ก which is the term in Thai) are lean and tall it can suit without taking much space.

We also have the option of stackable stools, which after use can be collected and together occupy the space of one.

Stools in the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most lived rooms in the house. In her the whole family usually gathers and for that reason, the need for space is evident. The use of stools in the kitchen does not recharge the room and provides more space, since these can easily be stored under a bar . For example, in small kitchens the use of height-adjustable stools is recommended, since they are more discreet and less invasive thanks to their lightweight structure. If you have an American bar or an island in your kitchen, do not hesitate to use stools, they will give your kitchen a spectacular touch.

Low stools in other rooms

In addition to the dining room or kitchen, low stools can be used in other rooms. The bathroom or bedroom can be ideal places for a stool if we have a small dressing table in which to make up and comb our hair.

Another room where stools may be present is in a living room. Depending on the design of the stool, it can serve as an auxiliary table, and if necessary, will fulfill its seat function.

Low stools can also be very useful in offices . Its versatility allows to do from staff meetings, until employees enjoy their moments of rest and leisure.