Coronavirus and shelter-in-place impact in Atlanta

A photo of a large downtown sky rise with a heart made of its windows.

News and updates on how the novel coronavirus is affecting housing, transit, parks, and other aspects of daily life. Plus, tips on how to manage at home

As COVID-19 spreads across the country, and Fulton County remains Georgia’s hotspot for confirmed novel coronavirus cases, precautions like stay-at-home restrictions, event cancellations, and park closures continue across metro Atlanta.

The entire state will remain under shelter-in-place orders through at least April 30, but the situation, especially at the local level in Atlanta, is fluid. What was permissible Monday might not be today.

Transit continues to operate. The Atlanta Beltline, while restricted, remains open. “Essential” activities such as grocery shopping, pharmacy visits, outdoor exercise, and apparently even golfing are allowed. We’re covering this unprecedented situation from all angles in the Curbed wheelhouse, including tips for making the most of this time spent at home.

Here’s what you need to know about the novel coronavirus from closures to public transit and housing.

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